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Call on our license restoration lawyer in Durham, NC

If you were convicted of a traffic crime and lost your license, there's still hope. You can restore your license by taking the proper legal steps, but mistakes can delay the process significantly. Set yourself up for success by hiring a license restoration lawyer from the Law Office of Brennon Morton, PLLC.

We'll walk you through every step, making sure you fill out legal documents correctly and meet important deadlines. You can work with our lawyer one-on-one so you'll understand every detail and know what to expect. Regain your driving rights in Durham, NC or the surrounding areas by contacting our license restoration lawyer.

criminal record expungement durham nc

Clear old convictions from your record

Even if you've paid your dues to society, your criminal record remains. Fortunately, your record doesn't have to be permanent. Criminal record expungement is the legal process for removing convictions so that people can't look up your history.

You can turn to our skilled law firm for help. We'll explain your options and walk you through the process for criminal record expungement if you qualify. Schedule a consultation when you call (919) 917-0807 today.