Ready for a Friendly, Cooperative Divorce?

Meet with our uncontested divorce lawyer in Durham, NC

Divorce doesn't have to be messy and complicated. If you and your spouse agree to work together on your divorce, you can make the process much easier. Turn to an uncontested divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Brennon Morton, PLLC to get through the legal steps smoothly. Our uncontested divorce lawyer can help you...

  • Make an agreement on financial matters like dividing your marital assets, child support and alimony
  • Create a schedule for child custody or visitation and determine custody rights
  • File the necessary legal documents if you and your spouse agree on the details

By agreeing to an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse can save a significant amount of time and money. Get started by calling our divorce and child custody lawyer in Durham, NC.

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Protect yourself and your child from domestic violence

If you or your child are victims of domestic violence, you can take action by calling our domestic violence and child custody lawyer. We'll help you file an immediate temporary restraining order and petition to update your custody rights, if necessary. Once you feel safe, we'll walk you through more permanent measures to protect your family.

Don't hesitate to contact our skilled lawyer today for help.