Why Face Serious Accusations On Your Own?

Team up with a felony lawyer in Durham, NC

Even just being accused of a crime can have an immediate negative impact on your life. But a conviction might affect your life forever. Make sure you hire a skilled misdemeanor and felony lawyer to help you build a solid defense.

At the Law Office of Brennon Morton, PLLC, you can discuss your situation with a violent crime, property crime or drug crime lawyer who knows the law inside and out. We'll explain your options, research your case and argue your defense to help you receive a favorable outcome.

Get dedicated legal representation by contacting our misdemeanor and felony lawyer in Durham, NC today.

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We won't back down from any criminal case

We believe every case is serious. No matter what you're charged with, we won't be intimidated. You can call us for cases involving...

  • Sex offenses and domestic violence
  • Violent crimes like assault and homicide
  • Drug offenses ranging from simple possession to trafficking

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